April Newsletter Ideas (2024): What to Send Your List This Month

“April showers” might be what we think of, but I personally love April: it’s a month where life returns to the world in the part of it I call home. Flowers bloom, the sun returns, the temperatures warm, and it’s my birthday month! (Okay, maybe that makes me partial to April a bit more than most people…)

No mater how you feel about April, it’s also an important part of our annual business calendar as blog owners: it’s the start of Q2. This means that if you have set some annual goals – like maybe emailing your list every week, nudge nudge –, it’s a good opportunity to recommit.

April Newsletter Ideas Hero

Because I believe email is the most vastly underused part of most bloggers’ businesses, I’ve committed to sharing ideas to help you hit “send” every single week this year. Below you’ll find a list of April newsletter ideas specific to 2024; there are multiple ideas for each week so that you can find at least one that’s perfect for you and your audience.

Ready to get inspired, draft a few great emails, and finally commit to your 2024 email goals?

April Newsletter Ideas for Week 1 – April 1-7

April kicks off with one good theme: April Fool’s Day.

Admittedly, a lot of businesses try to do a good April Fool’s Day joke that falls flat, so it’s worth giving it a little thought before you just launch into something that might be misinterpreted or isn’t actually funny. That said – if funny jokes are part of your brand, this is a great opportunity.

Conversely, you might also want to share something with your audience that they won’t believe is actually true; I think a subject line starting with “It’s no joke…” could be a good thought exercise.

For example, I might share how, despite having driven hundreds of miles in Alaska over a dozen trips, I never had a flat tire until 2022, and here’s how I handled it, teaching them what to do too.

As I said, this one does require some thought to get it right, whether you are for the joke or the no-joke option. If that seems too tricky, here are a few other ideas:

  • April 4th is “National Vitamin C Day.” This could be great if you are in the food or nutrition space, or you could do a throwback to the early 2000s artist Vitamin C. Or if you have content that makes sense to highlight how vitamin “sea” is healthy for you too, that’s another option.
  • April 6th is National Burrito Day this year; it’s typically the first Thursday in April. I don’t know if this will work for everyone, but I love burritos and maybe you do too.

April Newsletter Ideas for Week 2 – April 8-14

For the second week of April, I have one main idea for you – and it ties directly into every niche.

For another idea, April 10th is Encourage A Young Writer Day. This is perfect for every niche, as we’re all writers in some capacity. There are a number of ways you could note this day through an email to your audience. You might note the day and provide three tips for your community to share with the young writers they know, or you might offer to connect and provide feedback for community members who are (or who know young writers).

There are lots of ways to make this one a feel-good email with your community of subscribers.

April Newsletter Ideas for Week 3 – April 15-21

For the third week of April, I have another two ideas, though admittedly neither might fit for you, your brand, and your audience.

Those of us from the U.S. might consider emailing something related to Tax Day (April 15th). I think the most creative way to take advantage of this idea is by sharing a story of a way you “paid taxes” (such as time, money, or energy) on something related to your niche – and how your blog or a specific article helps others save on that same thing.

It’s also 4/20 on, well, 4/20. If you’re not familiar with the holiday, this may not make sense for your audience – but it also might be a really good opportunity to put together a resource related to weed and your niche. Additionally, in 2023, 4/20 happens to overlap with National High Five Day (the third Thursday in April). I personally plan to start my email with the subject “Happy National High…” and then use the teaser text to finish with “Five Day! 🖐”

April Newsletter Ideas for Week 4 – April 22-30

For the final week in April, there are lots of other choices.

On my end, I’ll be emailing about my birthday – which brings me to a good point. You should mark the week of your own birthday on your calendar and use that week as a chance to check in with your audience about how far YOU have come in the past year, in part due to their support and the community you’re all part of through your site. I do this by updating my 40 Before 40 post series and sharing it with my audience; they always find it interesting, even when it has nothing to do with the destinations and topics I normally cover.

Assuming it’s not your birthday during the final week of April too, here are some other ideas:

  • April 20th kicks off National Parks Week in the U.S. this year; I know lots of folks reading this write about travel and lifestyle – that’s a great opportunity to promote your parks posts.
  • April 23rd is Earth Day; we all live on this planet and it’s a good chance to tie that into your niche somehow.
  • April 27th (the fourth Saturday in April) is Celebrate Trails Day; this is another good opportunity to encourage your community to put down the device and enjoy some fresh air (similar to National Day of Unplugging in March)
  • Lastly, April 27th is National Tell A Story Day. We all tell stories through our sites, so this is a great prompt for sharing one of those more storytelling-oriented posts you have that never gets enough love from Google.

Other April Newsletter Ideas

In addition to the above ideas, here are a few more for you – just in case that wasn’t quite enough or didn’t fit your brand or niche:

  • April is the “National Month” for a lot of different things, including pecans, fresh celery, and soy foods, afternoon tea, Scottish-American heritage, alcohol awareness, brunch, jazz appreciation, stress awareness, and more. Basically, you should check this list to see if there’s a monthly theme you might want to address in one of your newsletters.
  • There also a number of “National Weeks” in April; these are more focused on social issues, but the link above will help you double-check there aren’t any additional ideas for your niche there.

And there you have it – plenty of April newsletter ideas for each week of emails. Do you need help coming up with another idea too? Join me in the Site School community on Facebook, or let me know in the comments below.


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