June Newsletter Ideas (2024): What to Send Your List This Month

As we usher in June, a month synonymous with the vibrancy of summer, the possibilities for your newsletter content bloom like flowers in the sun. (Assuming you’re in the northern hemisphere, of course! I’ve got some ideas for southern hemisphere folks too…)

June presents a myriad of themes around which to curate your content: think summer solstice, graduations, or Father’s Day. Whatever your niche, ensure your June newsletter ideas reflect the warmth and energy of the season, resonating with your readers and inspiring them to connect with your message.

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Whether you’re delivering industry insights, sharing company updates, or simply spreading a bit of joy, here are some June newsletter ideas to serve as a reminder to your audience that you’re here, you’re relevant, and you’re engaged.


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June Newsletter Ideas for Week 1 – June 1-7

There are lots of ways to start off your emails this month, but I thought it could be good to focus on one of the monthly themes for June. June is National Great Outdoors Month, National Camping Month, and LGBTQIA Pride Month.

Any one of these could be a great topic, depending on your niche and audience. Pride Month is an especially compelling theme, even if you don’t normally talk about such topics, if equity and allyship are important to you.

If these topics don’t really strike your fancy, there are a few other days I thought might make sense to come up with a niche-relevant theme:

  • June 3 – World Bicycle Day – Whether you talk about biking literally (teaching your kids to bike, biking destinations, etc.) or metaphorically (“Like riding a bike, you never forget…”), there’s a way to make this work for every niche.
  • June 4 – National Hug Your Cat Day – Go completely off-book (or should I say off-niche) and share your beloved fur baby to connect with your community. (Don’t despair, dog people, I’ve got you later this month.)
  • June 6 – National Yo-Yo Day – Like bicycling, you could use the yo-yo as a literal or metaphorical guide in discussing a topic relevant to your audience.

June Newsletter Ideas for Week 2 – June 8-14

It’s been a while since I suggested this topic, so it seems like the second week of June is a good opportunity to promote something that makes you money.

Part of the goal in emailing your list every week is to get your audience used to promotion and sales when you want/need to do it via email. It’s literally the worst when a company you forgot you signed up for emails sends you that Black Friday blast, right? We want your audience to know and love you, so that they look forward to your Black Friday email – and you don’t feel squirmy writing it.

So take something that makes you money: a blog post optimized for ads, an affiliate link, a product, whatever, and strengthen those promotion skills this week.

Another option here is “School’s Out.” For most people, by this point in June, school has let onto summer break, the kids are running wild, and your audience might be desperate for insight into how to handle this, specific to your niche. (Easy summer lunches, entertaining kid’s crafts, planning summer vacation…)

Not feeling up for either of these? Here are some other ideas:

  • June 8 – National Best Friends Day – Who doesn’t want to share something about their best friend related to their niche?
  • June 9 – National Movie Night – There’s a movie about everything – including your niche!
  • June 11 – Children’s Day – Almost all niches have relevant questions and ideas related to children, so you can us this day as an opportunity to address them.

June Newsletter Ideas for Week 3 – June 15-21

In the third week of June, I have a few ideas for you again.

If you are in the United States, this week includes Juneteenth (June 19th). This holiday celebrates and remembers the emancipation of African American peoples, and it’s another great opportunity to remind your audience of your commitment to helping and supporting everyone in your niche. Be careful to consider how you might meaningfully support this community (as opposed to simply being performative).

Another option is Father’s Day, which occurs on the 16th in 2024. If you’re open to talking about your father, father figures, Father Time, Father Christmas, whatever – there are options here!

Finally, June 21st is the solstice; in the northern hemisphere it’s the summer solstice, and you friends down south will have your winter solstice. As the solstice is the longest (or shortest) day of the year, you could find a topic that relates to this: making the most of a long day in a season of expansion, or resting and recovering for the impending season of hibernation.

For other ideas, how about…

  • June 16 – World Sea Turtle Day – Who doesn’t love sea turtles? There is also no risk of performative allyship with sea turtles!
  • June 18 – National Wanna Get Away Day – Who doesn’t wanna get away?! This one’s especially easy for you travel bloggers.
  • June 20 – World Productivity Day – Conversely, focusing on aspects of your business or problems in your niche gives you the chance to help your audience become more productive.

June Newsletter Ideas for Week 4 – June 22-30

The final week of June is a little long; it didn’t make sense to have an extra section for the 1-2 days, so I’ve just lumped it all together here. If you email your list weekly on Thursdays or Fridays, you will need to send a 5th email this month (on the 29th or 30th), but there are plenty of ideas here to cover it!

For this week, I recommend focusing on National Camera Day on June 29th. Though our work is primarily written, the cameras we use to create visual assets to compliment our blogs are incredibly important – and a lot of times, our readers are super curious about what we use to create those photos. You can share that information – plus an affiliate link, wink wink nudge nudge – to round out the month.

For other ideas, here are a few:

  • June 23 – National Take Your Dog To Work Day – I gotchu, dog people! This one’s extra easy if you work from home.
  • June 23 – National Hydration Day – Weirdly, staying hydrated is hard – in almost every niche!
  • June 26 – National Coconut Day – I just had to pick one weird food/drink holiday to highlight, and coconuts are a wonder food. You can do SO MUCH with them: cook, eat, drink, travel to destinations where they grow, make stuff with them, talk about how it’s weird that you were watching The Lion King with your kids and realized they sing about coconuts… Seriously, coconuts are weirdly good for every niche!

That’s quite enough to inspire you to put together your weekly emails this month. Have any other questions about coming up with June newsletter ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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