January Newsletter Ideas (2024): What to Send Your List in January

New Year, new opportunities – right?! That’s always how I’ve felt about the turning of the calendar. I’m a big resolution/goal-setting gal, so I also use it as a time to refocus on those things I know I should have prioritized for my sites last year but didn’t ever get to – and let’s all be honest that email is one of them! (For me, publishing more regularly on Site School is another 😅)

As part of my ongoing series of “what to send your list this month” (which you can see here), I’m kicking off the new year with January newsletter ideas and recommitting to this series. Below you’ll find ideas for what to send each week in January, plus some general themes you might use at any point.

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Let’s get this year started off right with weekly emails to keep your readers engaged and traffic growing; here are my ideas for what to send your list in January 2024, to inspire you.


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January Newsletter Ideas for Week 1 – January 1-7

Obviously, the big event that kicks off the first week of January is the new calendar year; in 2024, New Year’s Day is the first Monday of January, too.

On my sites, I do a number of different things to mark the new year, including blogging recaps, sharing my travels for the coming year, my resolutions for the year, and more… any and all of these kinds of posts will do really well in email because your readers like to connect with you on a personal level.

If you’re looking for other ideas this week, here are a few that might make sense:

  • Thank God It’s Monday (First Monday in January/1st this year) – While most people hate Mondays, those of us who love goal-setting, resolution-making, and so on, will embrace this day of jumping back into work. (Admittedly, it’s usually the first Monday of the year this year, which is a holiday, so that doesn’t make a ton of sense.) You could use this prompt to talk to your audience about your business/work goals for the year.
  • National Trivia Day (January 4th) – Here’s an easy one that works for every niche: look up some fun trivia and share it with your audience.
  • National Technology Day (January 6th) – Technology has changed everyone’s lives – and every niche. This means you might tap into some way that technology has changed/improved your niche and share that with your audience (smart cooking appliances for you food folks, ed-tech options if you’re in homeschooling or another teaching field, etc.).

Newsletter Ideas for Week 2 – January 8-14

The second week in January 2024 brings a return to routine for most of us due to the lack of holidays – even if you’re self-employed and blogging full-time. Even if you took last week of from emailing “for the holidays,” now’s a good time to recommit to this part of your business.

I have a number of ideas, so rather than committing to just one, here they all are, for you to choose the one that makes the most sense for your niche:

  • National Career Coach Day (January 8th) – If you’re feeling generous as part of your New Year’s resolutions, you might offer to coach any young members of your community in the work you do, or put together some lessons you’ve learned from being a blogger so far – people love this “peek behind the curtain,” no matter what niche you’re in!
  • National Clean Off Your Desk Day (Second Monday in January/8th this year) – After a year of collecting stuff, I like the idea that part of your habits for the new year would include cleaning off your workspace. A fun twist could be sharing “five unusual/useful things I found on my desk/workspace when cleaning it this week” that your audience might find interesting too.
  • National Vision Board Day (Second Saturday in January/13th this year) – Everyone, in any niche, can create a vision board about that topic – maybe you share your own, or share tips on how others can improve the new year using a vision board of their own.

Newsletter Ideas for Week 3 – January 15-21

In the third week of January, I found two good topics you might use.

The first, of course, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which happens quite early in 2024, on January 15th. There are ways to tie the life and legacy of Dr. King’s work into many niches that might make sense for your audience.

Another idea that is new this year is Get to Know Your Customers Day, which is marked on the third Thursday of each quarter (January 18th, in Q1 of 2024). This is a nice lead-in to running a reader survey, if you’ve ever wanted to do something like that. (I do these at least once a year, and would be happy to share the kinds of questions I ask; if you want me to share that, let me know in the comments!)

Between these two ideas, you can definitely come up with something to email!

Newsletter Ideas for Week 4 – January 22-28

The final full week in January, let’s do something fun! I found two more good ideas for you to consider as themes for your newsletter this week:

  • National Opposite Day (January 25) – While kids love to play “opposite day,” this is actually a really creative way to think about your niche and the topics you cover – what is the opposite of them? Maybe in travel, you share the antipodes of your most popular destination (look them up!); in food, you might highlight a recipe that’s the complete opposite (sweet/savory/sour) from your #1 favorite… get creative!
  • National Fun at Work Day (Last Friday in January/26th this year) – In a similar vein, you could email your audience about how to have fun in your niche – aka your work. This obviously depends on the topics you cover, but again – get creative to come up with something engaging for your audience, and encourage replies for how they’re celebrating in whatever work they do.

Other Ideas for What to Send Your List in January

As January is a longer month, you may need to send a fifth email to cover the final few days; this would obviously affect which emails you send in February!

My favorite prompt, much like in the week before, would be to celebrate National Backward Day which is officially on the 31st. You could do something similar to Opposite Day, if you didn’t use this idea last week.

As you might recall from other months, I always encourage you to think about sales opportunities, so you might use these extra days to send an email promoting your product or offer a sale/discount (this will be especially powerful if you didn’t do a year-end sale in December).

Hopefully, that helps you cover all the weekly (!!!) emails you should send this month – it’s 13 ideas in total so you definitely have a good start on it – and the new year! Have any other questions about coming up with January newsletter ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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