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Space Tourism Guide [CASE STUDY]

Space Tourism Guide is my second site, the one I spun out of an idea I had on my first (main) site, Valerie & Valise. It initially launched in February 2017 on Medium, but didn’t gain traction until I migrated to WordPress in November 2017. (That’s why I count November as the official site “launch.”)

It focuses on space tourism and astrotourism (astronomy-focused travel experiences on earth), including stargazing, aurora and eclipse chasing, viewing rocket launches, and more. It helped prove the market for Dark Skies, the book I wrote in partnership with Lonely Planet which was released in 2019.

Since launching four years ago, STG has grown to become a stable traffic and income driver for my business. It has a highly cyclical nature – both annually and in time with both astronomical and meteorological trends.

Today, it typically peaks at around 150,000 page views per month in October each year.

Here’s the latest traffic chart for this site:

STG 5yr Chart

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Note I did not publish reports prior to the four-year mark for this site, as Site School didn’t exist yet!

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