July Newsletter Ideas (2024): What to Send Your List This Month

As the heat of July rolls in, it’s a perfect time to add a dash of summer zest to your newsletter content. Whether it’s sharing tips for beating the heat, showcasing summer product launches, or simply sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of your team’s summer activities, July is ripe with opportunities for engaging newsletter content. Remember, the goal is to create a sense of community, offer value, and most importantly, ensure your brand stays top of mind in a fun, relevant way.

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If you’re feeling stuck coming up with ideas or the humidity is fogging up your brain, I’ve gotchu. Below you’ll find July newsletter ideas for each week of the month, plus a few extras to help you cover the entire month.

No matter what niche you’re in, there’s no excuse not to email your subscribers this month. After all, they gave you their email address – it’s only polite to seal the deal and start emailing them valuable stuff!


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July Newsletter Ideas for Week 1 – July 1-7

While July might be the season of summer vacations, you probably don’t fit into that group (and I definitely don’t) since we’re busy thinking about newsletters and other business goals.

To that end, I thought a good theme for this week would be something related to National Workaholics Day, which is on July 5th. Any time during this first week, you could write your audience about your dedication to your blog business, how you’re trying to break your workaholic habits, or a trip you have planned to give yourself a break – or ask your audience how they avoid falling into workaholism.

Even if you’re not in the business niche, stepping up to this “meta” level of your business is a great way to connect with your community and possibly elicit replies; as you know, these are the golden currency of email, and a great signal that your emails are high value (and thus shouldn’t have any deliverability issues on the technical side).

If this doesn’t strike your fancy, there are of course two major holidays you might focus your email on: it’s Canada Day on July 1st and Independence Day in the U.S. on July 4th. These patriotic celebrations could give you plenty of ideas to cover, ranging from food to travel to family fun, depending on your niche.

July Newsletter Ideas for Week 2 – July 8-14

As we move into the second week of July, I had a completely different idea: did you know that this month is National Anti-Boredom Month? Me neither – though I’m guessing it has something to do with all those kids out of school, annoying their parents with complaints of “I’m boooored…..” (Or maybe they don’t do that anymore, with all the tech and screens that keep kids stuck indoors rather than playing outside, which is what my parents always encouraged me to do! Anyway…)

In any case, you could use this monthly theme during the second week of July to tap into a niche-specific way to banish boredom. Maybe it’s a family-friendly recipe or activity, or a new craft or hobby; maybe you share how baking in some “boredom” into your trips helps you discover new things (instead of packing your itinerary to the gills!).

Not feeling up for either of these? Here are some other ideas: July 10th is National Kitten Day; do with that what you will, but I’m sure it will be cute and fluffy! July 14th is also Bastille Day in France (the equivalent of Independence Day in that country) – it’s another good opportunity for a variety of niches that have any way of relating to France.

July Newsletter Ideas for Week 3 – July 15-21

After reaching out to connect with your community during the first two weeks of the month, let’s do it again this week: building community is the best part of having an email list; the ROI on your engaged email list is way more than just the ad/affiliate revenue you might earn from the traffic you drive to your site by emailing.

In any case, this third week of July presents a natural opportunity to connect with your subscribers: it’s World Listening Day on July 18th. If you’ve ever wanted to run a community survey or ask for feedback, now’s the time!

If the idea of emailing your audience and asking for feedback is intimidating, I get it. It has taken me a long time to solicit feedback regularly and be okay with disappointed readers… For other ideas, how about…

  • July 16 – National Ice Cream Day
  • July 17 – World Emoji Day
  • July 20 – National Moon Day
  • July 20 – National Fortune Cookie Day

For that last one, I thought a fun community-building email activity might be to ask your subscribers to reply with something they want a “fortune” about, then reply to them with a result from the fortune cookie online.

July Newsletter Ideas for Week 4 – July 22-28

For this final (full) week of emailing, let’s go for another uncomfortable opportunity: after bonding with your list last week, it’s the perfect time to send a sales or promotional email. You’ve got a business to run, after all!

Whether it’s sending a blog post or social media link that needs some love, or sharing a product you’ve worked hard but nobody seems to buy, own the space you’ve crafted in people’s inboxes and let them know how what you do is valuable to them.

Best of all, if you do this, you might boost your monthly income for the month – obviously, that’s a great reinforcement for learning how to send these kinds of emails.

Don’t have anything to sell – or nothing you want to promote right now? Here are a few other ideas: July 24th is International Self-Care Day; everyone needs that, and it’s a nice bookend for the first email you sent this month. July 26th is also National Aunts & Uncles Day which could involve some fun storytelling if you also shared about Mother’s and/or Father’s Day earlier this year.

Additional July Newsletter Ideas

As July is a longer month, you may end up having to send a 5th email this month – depending on which day of the week you send your weekly newsletter. (I’m just subtly underscoring that you need to send your newsletter every week! 😅)

Here are a few more days that might make sense depending on your niche:

  • July 30 – International Day Of Friendship – This could be good if you have a niche where your friends are/could be involved in the work you do.
  • July 31 – World Ranger Day – This day refers to park rangers; if you’re in the outdoors, travel, or adventure niche, it’s a nice day to honor these essential workers in that industry.
  • July 31 – Harry Potter’s Birthday – Obviously this is pretty unique and may not make sense specifically in your niche – but there are lots of ways to tap into the Wizarding World and relate it to your niche (maybe by asking your audience to “sort” themselves into groups, or something related to the Hogwarts houses!).

That’s quite enough to inspire you to put together your weekly emails this month. Have any other questions about coming up with July newsletter ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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