March Newsletter Ideas (2024): What to Send Your List This Month

If there’s one area we all struggle to be as committed as we should, it’s email, right? I mean, I feel you – I admitted as much in my recent London On My Mind two-year case study update – and that’s a site I love and work hard on.

For that reason, I’ve decided to commit myself to send emails more frequently on many of my sites, and that means coming up with a lot more ideas for what to send. I started a series on the Site School podcast each month sharing 4-5 ideas for what to send – and then realized it could be a very helpful series of posts too!

March Newsletter Ideas Hero

So here you go: March newsletter ideas to inspire you to join me on the journey of getting way better at email in 2024. Best of all, these topics are all specific to 2024 so you can use them confident that they’re good for the next few weeks.

March Newsletter Ideas – Week 1: March 1-7

When I was a kid, my mom always used to say that March weather was “in like a lion, and out like a lamb” – or vice versa, depending on the forecast. While we certainly don’t want to talk about the weather (it’s literally the least stimulating topic… unless you run a meteorology blog, I guess!), this phrase also expresses the idea that something starts out tough and ends up easy – and there’s your opportunity.

Whether it’s something you offer for sale or just by reading your content, you make your subscribers’ lives go from tough to easy – and that’s what you can remind them of as we kick off the month. It doesn’t have to be sales-y, but it can point out the way you (and your emails) improve their lives in some way.

For a backup option, the first Friday in March (1st in 2024) is National Day of Unplugging. It’s a good opportunity to encourage your readers to step away from the screen (after finishing your email, of course), to enjoy the improving weather out there.

March Newsletter Ideas – Week 2: March 8-14

You know what’s better than Girl Scout cookies? Basically nothing, especially during the second week of March when they finally start getting delivered. Maybe that’s why they call it Girl Scout Week…

While you can’t deliver Girl Scout cookies to all of your subscribers, you can send them the equivalent – a sweet treat – in their inbox this week. Whatever “sweet treat” means for you and your blog is up to you – it could mean a freebie, an article you wrote that you know they need to read, or something else that will delight your subscribers.

You can even tie it into Girl Scout Week by starting out with the theme of cookies, then leading into your next-best treat for them.

For other ideas this week, consider:

  • March 8th is International Women’s Day – it’s a good day to call out women in your niche or industry.
  • (U.S.) Daylight Savings Time is the second Sunday in March (the 10th in 2024), and you could find a way to mention how this “lost hour” isn’t the end of the world based on the topic you cover.
  • Pi Day is on March 14th – another “sweet treat” opportunity if your audience is more inclined to scientific or mathematical events.

March Newsletter Ideas – Week 3: March 15-21

Can you guess the theme I’m going to suggest for this third week of March? Maybe if you consider the most famous holiday during this week…? (St. Patrick’s Day!)

While this event is celebrated in a variety of different ways – church-going, drinking, etc. – I think we can agree that the imagery of St. Patty’s Day is all about luck. Pots of gold, four-leaf clovers, and leprechauns all evoke a sense of things just working out – and it’s this theme of luck you should go with when emailing your newsletter this week.

Maybe it’s sharing a story of your own luck in something related to your niche* – or one that your readers have shared with you. Maybe it’s asking your readers to reply with their luck (and then you have email content for next year!). This one is as easy as you let it be!

*A time a trip snafu turned out well (travel), a recipe you messed up turned out perfectly (food), or a technique you tried ended up working even better than what everyone else recommends (crafting, etc.).

For a back-up idea this week, consider the fact that the March equinox occurs on March 20th. In the northern hemisphere, this is the start of Spring; down below the equator, it marks the beginning of Autumn. If you have any relevant seasonal content, this is a great chance to share it.

March Newsletter Ideas – Week 4: March 22-28

For this fourth and final week, it’s time to lean on our old standby: promotion.

After all, you’ve shared lots of valuable info with your subscribers all month long – you’ve earned a chance to share something that helps benefit your business now. Grab a new product, a good affiliate blog post, or something else that will move the needle on your bottom line to finish March out strong, and share it with your subscribers with a strong call to action.

You could of course choose to promote some other week this month, but as the other weeks are pretty timely in the themes and topics I suggested, I’d just stick to this plan and call it good… or use one of these back-ups…

Other Newsletter Ideas & Extra Days

Since March has 31 days, you might need to send a 5th email, depending on which day of the week you send your newsletter. Here are a few extra ideas:

  • March ends with the Easter celebrations; Good Friday is March 29th and Easter is March 31st. If the Easter holidays are important to you or if you’ve given up something in observance of Lent, you might share this with your audience. Many people in North America celebrate this holiday too, so it could be an off-niche bonding opportunity with your community.
  • National Virtual Vacation Day is on March 30th, which is great for you travel bloggers out there who wrote “virtual vacation” posts back in 2020 and want to give them a lil’ extra traffic before archiving them.
  • March is Women’s History Month, which gives you another opportunity to promote women in your niche/industry if you didn’t do that during the second week of the month.
  • There are (as always) so many “national days of X” with different foods for my food bloggers out there. Some of my favorites are National Banana Cream Pie Day (March 2), National Cheese Doodle Day (March 5), National Artichoke Hearts Day (March 16), and National Spinach Day (March 26).
  • March is also National Nutrition Month, which works well for those of you in the food, health, and fitness niches.

Surely that’s enough to inspire you to put together four (or maybe five) emails this month. Have any other questions about coming up with March newsletter ideas? Let me know in the comments below!


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