February Newsletter Ideas (2024): What to Send Your List in February

I’ll be honest: pink is not my color. I’ve never been a girly girl, and one of the strongest images in my mind when thinking about Valentine’s Day is that scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets where Professor Lockhart bedecks the Hogwarts Great Hall in “lurid” pink and wears matching robes. “Lurid” and “pink” just stick together in my mind.

But here we are, in February, the pinkest month of the year – and I’ve gotta get on board with it. At least insofar as it comes to sending emails this month! After all, Valentine’s Day is a great prompt to help you tick off at least one of your weekly February newsletter ideas. (Yep, I’m still ardent that sending weekly newsletters is the right cadence!)

February Newsletter Ideas Hero

When it comes to coming up with other ideas for what to send in February, I’ve got you covered too. Below you’ll find ideas for all four weeks of February 2024, and that fun little extra Leap Year day. Read on to get ideas and sort out your email strategy for this month.


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February Newsletter Ideas for Week 1 – February 1-7

February kicks off quietly – but there are a few ideas I found that might inspire you.

The first Thursday in February (February 1st! Today!) is Optimist Day. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, this feels like a pretty important day: February is a cold, dark winter month, and engaging with your community on the topic of optimism can be a good way to spread goodwill. Maybe you have a blog post that fits this theme, or you ask everyone to reply with something they’re looking forward to in your niche – and maybe you could even go a step further and ask how you can help make it happen! (This topic can obviously apply to any niche.)

The first week of February is also International Networking Week, which might be a good prompt to encourage your community to connect with you in a new way – or for you to connect with them. Maybe you do a mutual following thread on a new social media platform, or ask your audience to reply and recommend new networking opportunities in your niche (like other sites they follow, brands they love, etc.). There are lots of creative ways to spin this if it feels like a good fit for your list.

Newsletter Ideas for Week 2 – February 8-14

Now the second week of February ends with Valentine’s Day, so that’s an obvious theme you could lean into: just focus on something love-related within your niche. (Favorite ingredients! Favorite destinations! Favorite hikes! Favorite parenting hacks!)

However, there are lots of other events happening this week:

  • February 10 – Chinese New Year 🐉
  • February 11 – National Inventor’s Day 👩🏻‍🔬
  • February 12 – National Clean Out Your Computer Day 👩🏻‍💻
  • February 13 – Galentine’s Day 👯‍♀️ and Mardi Gras ⚜️
  • February 14 – Ash Wednesday ✝️

As you can see, if you’re anti-pink or not feeling the love, there are plenty of options that you could spin to make sense for your audience.

For one last idea, this second week of February is also Freelance Writers Appreciation Week. If you employ freelance writers on your site – or are a freelance writer yourself – you could dig a little bit into how the business side of running your site works. I find my audience is always interested in this business, because it’s new and most people know very little about it.

Newsletter Ideas for Week 3 – February 15-21

The third week of February is Random Acts of Kindness Week, focused specifically on National Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17th. There are lots of ways to make this fit any niche, but you could – if you’re feeling generous and have a product you sell – offer an email-exclusive discount or freebie to your community as part of sticking to this theme.

If you’re in the U.S., President’s Day also falls during the third week of February. This might only work for certain niches, but you could find a way to talk about U.S. presidential history in your email if it makes sense.

Newsletter Ideas for Week 4 – February 22-29

In the final week of February, you’ve got some choices, including one big opportunity: Leap Year Day! This obviously falls on February 29th and only happens once every four years… so it’s a fun opportunity to promote or share something that doesn’t happen very often. On my end, I’m going to look back on my travels over the past few Leap Years (2020, 2016, 2012) to share those.

If you like the idea of “looking back,” but don’t want to focus on Leap Year specifically, February 27th is also National Retro Day, which is a great opportunity to bring up something from your past related to your niche – maybe one of your first posts that you haven’t shared in a really, really long time.

Other Ideas for What to Send Your List in February

If you’re still looking for other ideas because some of the ones I’ve mentioned so far don’t quite fit, no worries – there are other options to choose from.

February is both Black History Month and American Heart Month, so there are plenty of ways to spin this for any niche; you could highlight Black creators in your niche one week, or talk about heart health instead of Valentine’s hearts.

And because I know that you food travel bloggers are always looking for new ideas, February is also National Snack Food Month; there are lots of ways to cover that in the food niche, but I can also see how this might make sense for other niches ranging from travel (best snack foods for planes) to outdoor adventures (best hiking snacks) to parenting (snack foods to satiate your kid).

I hope that helps you come up with at least four ideas for this month – you can make weekly emails happen during this short month! Have any other questions about coming up with February newsletter ideas? Let me know in the comments below.

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