The BOSS (Blogging Organization Success System)


Looking to finally understand your blog’s performance, where your traffic comes from, and where to focus your energies? The BOSS (Blogging Organization Success System) is a simple concept – a spreadsheet with a few formulas – that’s insanely powerful for turning your blog from a hobby into a business.

This is delivered as a PDF document with an interactive table of contents and video links throughout, which will teach you how to build the spreadsheet, keep it updated, and make strategic decisions.

Ready to finally get your blog strategy clear? 



If you’ve been looking to level up your blog – no matter your goals – this course is for YOU.

When I started working on this course, I thought about calling it “Get Your Blogging Sh*t Together.” Unfortunately, I didn’t think Google would like that name very much – even if it was all about the right idea.

The goal of this course is to help you get your blog organized – possibly for the first time since you started your blog.

Here’s What Students Say

Who is this course for? 
It’s for YOU, if you agree with the following:

“I’m a blogger in [blank] niche.”

The BOSS system is designed to work for any niche, even if you’re not a travel blogger like I am.

“I’ve been blogging for [blank] amount of time.” 

As long as you’ve been blogging for more than one month, this system can help you organize your sh*t.

“I love organization and systems and to-do lists.” 

If you’re more order muppet than chaos muppet, you’re gonna love this system.

Here’s the layout of this course and the video lengths in each lesson that has one:

Module 1 – Creating Your Spreadsheet
Lesson 1 – Start Here
Lesson 2 – Creating Your Spreadsheet (1:02)

Module 2 – Filling Your Spreadsheet
Lesson 1 – Adding Post Data (4:46 & 4:47)
Lesson 2 – First Time Data Export (Universal Analytics) (4:51 & 4:41 & 4:33)
Lesson 3 – Initial Data Analysis (4:19)
Lesson 4 – Setting Statuses (4:52)

Module 3 – Maintaining Your Spreadsheet
Lesson 1 – Adding New Content (2:14)
Lesson 2a – Monthly Exports (Universal Analytics) (3:25)
Lesson 2b – Monthly Exports (GA4) (7:15)
Lesson 3 – Adjusting Statuses (4:55)
Lesson 4 – Adjusting Permalinks (3:59)
Lesson 5 – Adding Extra Statuses (1:51)

Module 4 – Recap & Next Steps
Lesson 1 – Review What You’ve Learned
Lesson 2 – Level Up with Other Courses & Resources


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