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October 2015 Valerie & Valise Income Report

My favorite month has come and gone; with it, October has brought grey skies and misty rain and falling leaves to Seattle. I didn’t spend the whole month here, but I loved experiencing the city during its transformation. Speaking of, it’s time to look back on how the month went for my blog; there’s an endless list of to-dos and improvements I want to make, but, as usual, taking the time to look back shows me how far I’ve come.

Blog Performance Last Month

I’m not sure how October flew by so quickly… oh wait, that’s right: I lost my job, started freelancing again, and spent a week in Florida for TBEX. That kind of explains why I didn’t do as much “business” on my blog as I had hoped. I did however execute a great Blogiversary party, and I hope you enjoyed it too!

It was a good growth month! Buoyed by my Blogiversary, I had good growth in my social followers and my second highest traffic month yet — I’m still sitting below the 5k pageviews/4k UVMs target, and I really don’t know how to cross it. I think it’s time to work on content improvements! Though I haven’t marked that as a goal for the coming month, you can bet it’s on my mind.

Blogging Lessons Learned Last Month

  1. Life is an Opportunity — Seize it! My daily existence was transformed in October; I went from spending my 9-to-5s in an office to having freedom over my daily work in virtually every aspect. I decided to embrace this from the first moment by committing to my blog, my other projects (Maps Not Apps, yah!), and finding clients I really enjoy working with/projects I really enjoy working on.
  2. The act of traveling is changing for me. I found my trip to New England last month, and to Florida this month, to reveal things I didn’t know about myself and how I enjoy traveling. I think I’m going to find that my “way” of travel will change in coming months and years. I’m curious to see how it goes, and hope you’ll enjoy the process too.

Blogging Costs Last Month

After returning from New England (posts still to come), I spent most of October head-down on work projects before jetting off to a week in the Florida sun and humidity for TBEX. Now it’s time to look back on how much all that fun cost me.

ItemRaw Amount% of Total
Total Spent in Month$702.93

Line Item: Administration

It’s kind of exciting to report something in this category after so long. I had to renew the domain this month ($15.99), and also purchased two domains for Maps Not Apps.

Line Item: Advertising

Consolidating all of my advertising items into one, this total represents only Facebook. Actually, it represents Instagram since I ran a trial ad campaign through Facebook’s Power Editor on Instagram. I’m not totally sure I consider it a success, but it was an interesting experience, and I plan to write it up for sharing soon.

Line Item: Giveaways

At this point, I haven’t spent anything on my Blogiversary giveaway, though that will change this week as I choose the winners and spend what I need to to ensure everyone gets their prizes.

Line Item: Store

Still not spending on my Etsy store… that’s on my “Someday” list to figure out. *sheepish grin*

Line Item: Travel

I’m surprised how low this total is, gives that I spent a week on the road during the last of October for TBEX. I still have some outstanding expenses (hey, Samantha, I’m going to message you on Facebook soon! 👋), so I expect November will have also contribute heavily to the total budget.

Line Item: Other

Buffer, per usual, is my main expense here. $10 well spent, every month!


I feel really good about this month’s financial report — on the whole it feels like I spent my money “in the right places,” whatever that means. I spent money on the things that I think are important for helping my blog grow: keeping it alive, growing the community, traveling. It wasn’t a ton of money (nor was it a small amount), but it was a good amount.

Predictions for November

  1. Giveaway spending! (To make up for not spending in October.)
  2. A fair amount of travel spending, but also more on administration, and probably adding a line-item for Maps Not Apps development.
  3. Facebook ad spending, probably just to boost posts; not sure if I’ll do any more Instagram ads at this point.

Blogging Goals This Month

My goals this month are two-fold: grow my social engagement a bit, and do that overdue business plan for this blog. Sounds simple, right? We’ll see!

So that’s me… How was your month?

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