• Delete Blog Posts Hero

    How to Delete Blog Posts: An SEO-Friendly Step-by-Step Guide

    Each website is a garden: every post and page on the site is a plant within the garden. Some sites are tidy, well organized, and flourish as a result of each plant getting enough water and sunlight; other sites are a jungle, poorly organized, and the plants – aka posts – within them all struggle to thrive...

  • Content Challenge Hero

    What is the Content Challenge
    & How Does it Work

    Feeling stuck on growing your site? Have a serious case of burnout or writer's block? I've been there – many times. Most people are surprised to learn that since I'm generally super productive and get a lot done but I (like everyone) struggle with my motivation. I've also worked to overcome those issues by finding tricks and techniques that motivate me even when I'm not feeling the fire inside on any given day, week, month, or even season. (Yes, I've taken whole seasons off from some sites!)...

  • SEO Strategy in 2022 Hero
    Grow,  SEO

    6 Important Areas of Focus for Your SEO Strategy in 2022 (& Beyond)

    If I've learned anything over the eight years since I started running my first site, it's that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) never stops changing. As soon as you think you've figured out what Google wants, the world's biggest search engine improves its algorithms, changes its criteria, or releases some update that upends all we've been focusing on...

  • Collect Emails Hero

    10 Test-Worthy Ways to Collect Emails & Grow Your List

    There's a lot of buzz about email marketing and why you should be doing it – but as I've discovered, email is probably the most neglected part of every website owner or blogger's business. Literally, it's the thing that everyone says "I know I should be doing it but I just don't know what to do/how to do it." If you feel the same, you're not alone...

  • Keyword Research

    3 Steps for Choosing Keywords on Niche Sites

    Gone are the days when you could start a blog about a topic like "food" or "travel" and expect it to rank well in Google within the first few years – if ever. The internet has been flooded with independent publishers and bloggers, and Google has gotten way better at figuring out who knows their stuff – and who's full of it...

  • On-Page SEO Factors Hero

    6 Important Factors in Your On-Page SEO Strategy

    The most important and biggest part of SEO is what’s called On-Site or On-Page SEO. On-Site SEO is when you optimize elements on a page (such as a blog article, your homepage, or a landing page) or within your website to try and improve your rankings and earn more organic traffic. It’s a huge term as the vast majority of SEO work is “on-site” work...

  • Grow,  Learn

    7 Components in My Travel Blog Strategy for 2021

    I’ll be honest: I did not want to write this post at all. I wondered if anyone would read it, and looked at my traffic to determine that very few people saw my 2020 post on the same topic. But when it came time to sit down and organize my thoughts, I realized I had a lot I wanted to say.

  • Travel Blog Success Tools

    All the Tools You Need for Travel Blog Success

    Whether this is your first time on my site or your fiftieth, you might wonder: is it really possible to be a full-time travel blogger? Successfully??? While the answer depends on your definition of travel blog success, by my definition, yes, it’s entirely possible to be a full-time travel blogger, travel the world, and make good money...

  • Grow,  Learn

    9 Components in My Travel Blog Strategy for 2020

    Here we are: a new year! A new decade! A new opportunity to create or adjust our business and travel blog strategies! I do love a new year, as I’m sure you’ve noticed from my many, many posts this week… Not to toot my own horn, but I work pretty hard at this blog – and I think it’s paid off so far....