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    London On My Mind 9 Month Report [CASE STUDY]

    When 2021 began and the pandemic continued to rage, I – like many of you – was really freakin' tired of sitting at home. One can only do so much work, especially as a travel blogger, without actually traveling! I like to think I got pretty creative in 2020, starting Discover Sausalito and spinning Follow the Butterflies out from my main travel site. So as the new year began, I tried to think of a new project to focus my efforts on – and settled on the cluster of content I had written about London in the past...

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    Great Plains Travel Guide 6 Month Report [CASE STUDY]

    Welcome to my first ever case study post! I’m starting these posts to document my successes (and failures) in running 12 websites. As this is my first post of its type, I’m not totally sure that I’ve included everything I want to share – or will share – in every case study post going forward. But, I wanted to get this first one out to get feedback about what else I should include, so be sure to comment with any additional questions or info you’d like to know! As a primer, I’ll be doing case studies for every site I’ve created, at the 6-month, 9-month, and 12-month marks. Then I’ll…

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    Valerie & Valise – 7 Years On: Celebrating My 7th Blogiversary 🥂

    Well I’ll be! Today is the 7th anniversary of the first time I hit “Publish” on this wee little site. Since those early days (when this site was called “Valise Magazine”), it has been a rollercoaster: the early years were fun, the middle years were stressful and I thought I might quit, the past few years were fun again as I finally started to see success, … and then 2020 happened...

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    Happy Blogiversary: Valerie & Valise Turns 3!

    The Terrible Twos are over! Today, October 21st, is the 3rd blogiversary of Valerie & Valise. I started this blog three years ago today, and am so excited how far it has come. Birthdays and anniversaries and blogiversaries are weird, aren’t they? We celebrate each year at the end of year; I’m turning 30 in April, even though it’s the start of my 31st year on the planet...

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    Celebrate My Second Blogiversary with Me!

    Holy Guacamole! It’s my second blogiversary… already? It’s hard to believe an entire YEAR has come and gone since last we came together to celebrate how much this little blog has grown. For the next few days, I’ll spend time talking about how my blog is doing, what I’ve learned, where I’m headed, and more… but for now? It’s time to celebrate!..

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    2014-in-Review + Lessons from the Year

    2014 has been an incredible year. Though I started V&V in late 2013, it took until April for me to start writing regularly, and mid-July (when I lost my full-time job unexpectedly) for me to really start to give this site the attention and love it deserves. Since then, it’s been an incredible ride...