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Valerie has been blogging since 2001, and has been running her oldest travel blog for a decade. You can find her across the internet on her various niche sites, but she started Site School to help fellow bloggers grow and create better content.

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    Jordan Traveler 18-Month Report

    2022 has been a year of reflection: after starting several new sites in 2021, I've been focused on tending these new blooms in the garden that is my website portfolio. One of the sites I started later in the batch was Jordan Traveler, a site dedicated to providing travel resources for the country of Jordan...

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    Great Plains Travel Guide 18-Month Report [CASE STUDY]

    Despite what the cookie-cutter course creators might have you believe when trying to sell you during their latest launch, every website is unique, and after you learn the basics – which you have probably mastered if you're reading this – you're very much on your own learning what works for your blog, your business, and your audience...

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    Case Studies

    London On My Mind 18-Month Report

    Here we are: 18 months from the start of 2021, which was the year I got a wild hare and started so. many. websites. (No claps, just facepalms!) As these sites have passed their one-year marks and continue to mature, I'm beginning to make bigger strategy decisions about each one – including one of my beloved projects, London On My Mind...

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    Income Reports

    June 2022 Valerie & Valise Income Report

    It's gone from zero to sixty around these parts – how about you? Just like in April, I spent most of June on the road, trying to fit in my (admittedly monstrous pile of) "desk" work around two major trips – which were also work! After starting the month in Alaska on a partnership trip with Windstar Cruises, I ended it on the other almost the literal other side of the world in the Maldives...

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    Eat Like Bourdain 1 Year Report

    I'll be completely honest: at a certain point, I was definitely starting sites on a whim last year. I'd sit down to dinner with my husband, and be like "I think I'm gonna start X new site" and would have it launched and deployed within a week. While I pride myself on coming up with (what I think are) good ideas and moving on them quickly, it got to be a bit much – we did end up running twelve sites at the end of 2021...

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    May 2022 Valerie & Valise Income Report

    After a travel-filled April, May was delightfully slow – a few days of travel at the beginning and end of the month bookended a month of home time, catching up on work and with friends. While I am rekindling my love of travel and of being a travel blogger after 2+ long years of slogging it out, it's nice to be home with J and the kitties, and have my routines to keep me sane...

  • April 2022 Recap Hero
    Income Reports

    April 2022 Valerie & Valise Income Report

    Busy, busy, busy – that's how April sticks out in my memory. For the first time in two years, I feel like April began to give us a sense of returning to some normalcy. I spent a lot of time on planes, some of it not even wearing a mask; I went to conferences and events, many of which not even wearing a mask; I ate in restaurants and went to parties and traveled almost-normally...