• March Newsletter Ideas Hero

    March Newsletter Ideas (2023):
    What to Send Your List This Month

    If there’s one area we all struggle to be as committed as we should, it’s email, right? I mean, I feel you – I admitted as much in my recent London On My Mind two-year case study update – and that’s a site I love and work hard on. For that reason, I’ve decided to commit myself to send emails more frequently on many of my sites, and that means coming up with a lot more ideas for what to send. I started a series on the Site School podcast each month sharing 4-5 ideas for what to send – and then realized it could be a very helpful series…

  • December Traffic Bump Hero

    8 To-Dos to Prep Your Blog for the December Traffic Bump (2022)

    Here we are, in the early days of winter, as the darkness descends and we all feel a little bit down. If your blog is anything like mine, you’ve probably been feeling the squeeze of seasonality since school “started” in September. (You can see what I mean in my October recap too.) My traffic always goes down this time of year, and I’m left feeling a bit low...

  • Delete Blog Posts Hero

    How to Delete Blog Posts: An SEO-Friendly Step-by-Step Guide

    Each website is a garden: every post and page on the site is a plant within the garden. Some sites are tidy, well organized, and flourish as a result of each plant getting enough water and sunlight; other sites are a jungle, poorly organized, and the plants – aka posts – within them all struggle to thrive...

  • Spinning Out a Niche Site Hero

    How to Spin Out a Niche Site from Your Main Site

    Since the start of the pandemic, it seems like everyone and their cousin is all about the niche sites, am I right? Niche sites are, like, so in right now. Of course, there were some bloggers and site owners hip to the trend before it became mainstream.

  • Content Challenge Hero

    What is the Content Challenge
    & How Does it Work

    Feeling stuck on growing your site? Have a serious case of burnout or writer's block? I've been there – many times. Most people are surprised to learn that since I'm generally super productive and get a lot done but I (like everyone) struggle with my motivation. I've also worked to overcome those issues by finding tricks and techniques that motivate me even when I'm not feeling the fire inside on any given day, week, month, or even season. (Yes, I've taken whole seasons off from some sites!)...

  • SEO Strategy in 2022 Hero

    6 Important Areas of Focus for Your SEO Strategy in 2022 (& Beyond)

    If I've learned anything over the eight years since I started running my first site, it's that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) never stops changing. As soon as you think you've figured out what Google wants, the world's biggest search engine improves its algorithms, changes its criteria, or releases some update that upends all we've been focusing on...

  • Ways to Demonstrate E-A-T Hero

    8 Powerful Ways to Demonstrate E-A-T & Boost Your SEO

    SEO is a world of acronyms. Heck – SEO itself is an acronym (Search Engine Optimization) though most of us forget that as we talk about and work on our SEO every single day. Unfortunately, SEO is an active process for most website owners – after all, the word is "optimization," not "optimized." The SEO strategy that used to work for you might not work anymore, and you need to be constantly learning and adjusting to help your website succeed with Google...

  • Collect Emails Hero

    10 Test-Worthy Ways to Collect Emails & Grow Your List

    There's a lot of buzz about email marketing and why you should be doing it – but as I've discovered, email is probably the most neglected part of every website owner or blogger's business. Literally, it's the thing that everyone says "I know I should be doing it but I just don't know what to do/how to do it." If you feel the same, you're not alone...

  • Keyword Research

    3 Steps for Choosing Keywords on Niche Sites

    Gone are the days when you could start a blog about a topic like "food" or "travel" and expect it to rank well in Google within the first few years – if ever. The internet has been flooded with independent publishers and bloggers, and Google has gotten way better at figuring out who knows their stuff – and who's full of it...