• STG Hero

    Space Tourism Guide 5 Year Report

    One of the most incredible things about the night sky is how, when you're out under it, you don't notice the stars moving at all. It's only when you set up a camera and capture a few minutes of exposure that you realize how much the earth has turned – making the stars wheel overhead in the photo...

  • December Traffic Bump Hero

    8 To-Dos to Prep Your Blog for the December Traffic Bump (2022)

    Here we are, in the early days of winter, as the darkness descends and we all feel a little bit down. If your blog is anything like mine, you’ve probably been feeling the squeeze of seasonality since school “started” in September. (You can see what I mean in my October recap too.) My traffic always goes down this time of year, and I’m left feeling a bit low...

  • Delete Blog Posts Hero

    How to Delete Blog Posts: An SEO-Friendly Step-by-Step Guide

    Each website is a garden: every post and page on the site is a plant within the garden. Some sites are tidy, well organized, and flourish as a result of each plant getting enough water and sunlight; other sites are a jungle, poorly organized, and the plants – aka posts – within them all struggle to thrive...

  • Love Your List Review Hero

    Love Your List Review: Is Kate Doster’s Signature Course Worth It?

    If you know me at all, you know one thing: I'm possibly the most cynical person when it comes to the online "knowledge economy." There's nothing that makes my blood boil more than course creators selling courses about how to become a course creator selling your own courses about creating courses. I mean, that sentence is just stupid to write – and yet people are profiting off of the hard work of thousands of people, selling these course multi-level marketing schemes every. single. day...

  • Jordan Traveler 18-Month Report

    2022 has been a year of reflection: after starting several new sites in 2021, I've been focused on tending these new blooms in the garden that is my website portfolio. One of the sites I started later in the batch was Jordan Traveler, a site dedicated to providing travel resources for the country of Jordan...

  • Great Plains Travel Guide 18-Month Report [CASE STUDY]

    Despite what the cookie-cutter course creators might have you believe when trying to sell you during their latest launch, every website is unique, and after you learn the basics – which you have probably mastered if you're reading this – you're very much on your own learning what works for your blog, your business, and your audience...

  • June 2022 London On My Mind Income Report

    As I've now officially passed the 18-month mark since starting my London-focused travel site, London On My Mind (LOMM), I'm finally getting a sense that the site has moved out of the tumultuous early/newborn phase and into a bit more maturity. While 18 months is not long in the lifespan of websites, it does have enough tenure with Google that content tends to rank better and faster – and has a body of work that readers can use and trust...

  • Spinning Out a Niche Site Hero

    How to Spin Out a Niche Site from Your Main Site

    Since the start of the pandemic, it seems like everyone and their cousin is all about the niche sites, am I right? Niche sites are, like, so in right now. Of course, there were some bloggers and site owners hip to the trend before it became mainstream.

  • London on My Mind Header

    London On My Mind 18-Month Report

    Here we are: 18 months from the start of 2021, which was the year I got a wild hare and started so. many. websites. (No claps, just facepalms!) As these sites have passed their one-year marks and continue to mature, I'm beginning to make bigger strategy decisions about each one – including one of my beloved projects, London On My Mind...